Ashley...NOW!!" "I am on the phone. Mike gave me permission!"-Ashley Parker Angel

Kommentar zu dieser HP http://www.orgasmictown.cjb.net/ von Ashley:

"I am trying to get you to stop calling us Orgasmic-Town."

"Did he just say Orgasmic?"

"We are not Orgasmic-Town, we are O-Town." -us and Ashley Parker Angel


"I am going to get all philosophical now"-Ashley Parker Angel


"Berocca, for people with hectic lifestyles." Ash


"This is SICK." Jacob


"So what team do you play for, alternative...." DJ pretending to be Ashley and Dan.


"Oh I like, hip-hop, pop." Erik


"No, you're not understanding what I'm saying... do you like the Salami?"

Erik laughing "This is not O-Town."


"We had powder-puff football in high school: The girls played and the guys were cheerleaders. One day we were rehearsing cheerleading moves and the real cheerleaders walked by. Of course, we all thought we were the s--t. So we did a cheer and afterward I tries to do a kick. I kicked my right leg so high that my left leg came out from underneath me and I fell. All of the girls were laughing." - Trevor


"Have we gone Platinum.... Aluminum... PLASTIC?!?!" (referring to the sales of their debut album) -Ashley Angel


"One day Trevor came in and threw a bowl and spoon on my lap, and said, "That's how the sink feels" - Ashley Angel


"If you sit around your whole life thinking something as big as this (making the band)is gonna happen to you ,then you're pretty much the cockiest man alive!" - Dan Miller


"I have always enjoyed juggling, so I was thinking of taking my act on the road. Uhm, being a singing juggler... I am serious!" Erik-Michael on where he sees himself in 10 years


"I'm gonna do my best, expect the worse, and if it comes out on top, I'm the better man for it." (before auditioning for the final eight)- Erik-Michael


"Jacob's the writer/producer, Ashley's the cute one, Trevor's the good dancer, Dan's now the motivator where am I?"- Erik-Michael


"I'll marry a fan but not a fanatic."- Erik-Michael


"I used to want to be in this buisness because I really, really cared about music and it made me happy, and I still feel that way, I just think the buisness kind of taints it sometimes and that's where it gets hard." - Jake


"I'm not going to be afraid to stand up for what I believe in because I'm going to lose fans or money over it. It's just a difference of opinion I have. And every person has an opinion and shouldn't be afraid to speak it." - Jake


(Erik asked if Jacob really thought he could sing after just being forced out of bed) "I didn't think you could sing anyway!" - Jake


"It wasn't Lou that changed my mind, it wasn't me getting fed up with the process, it wasn't me backing out, it was me remembering and understanding that i gave this process to God, saying I asked for your hand me in this and i trust you to put me with the right group and by remembering that I realize that if Ikaika is in the group, then it's because God wants him there and I won't take that away from Him." - Jake


"A fan came up to me & stuck her tongue in my mouth. That was unpleasant" - Jake


"Whoever offends any of my brothers offends me"- Jake


"That disturbed me that some guy asked you if I was your boyfriend, and you didn't know what to say." (talking to Kelly) - Trev


"All women are beautiful.Carry yourself with confidence, and the real you is going to shine.Guys want to be around that- they hope that some of it will rub off on them." - Trev


"We all made a pact. We decided that the day O-Town begun affecting our friendship, it would be the day we stop being O-Town. It could happen in 15 years; it could happen in two months... but it's not going to happen in two months of course!"- Trev


"I was about to find out who made the 8, and as soon as they got to 6 I was like, ok, that's it, I'm going home, at least my boy, Jacob's up there, and when they called my name, I just started crying." -Trev


"Everyday I wake up and wonder what will happen, then I fall back asleep." -Ashley Parker Angel


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